Episode 9. Brad and Zach speak with Lois Mahalia about new music and good vibes.


Episode 8 Part 2. Brad and Zach play more of the music of Robin Caston, an amazing singer, performer and songwriter. Episode  8 part two is here now! 

Episode 8 Part 1. Brad and Zach play the music of Robin Caston, an amazing singer, performer and songwriter.

Episode 7. Brad and Zach talk music, radio and books with JIm Nelson as we review his amazing career past and present. New chapters of Dear Claire coming soon as a stand alone feature.

Episode 6. Brad and Zach visit with Katrina Swift and talk to her about her upcoming releases - and then...Chapter 2 of Dear Claire. Zach's new audio book!

Katrina Photo.jpg
E 6 Katrina Swift - I Walk The Earth - Dear Claire Chapter 2We Appreciate Your Ears
00:00 / 28:03

Episode 5.  Explicit*  Mort and Peace!!

00:00 Letters from Mort and Peace

11:30 To Be Stoned

16:30 Saturday Morning,

20:30 Dear Claire "An apology to ex-girlfriends, set in a futuristic world infected by werewolves.

*Drugs & language.

We Appreciate Your Ears Episode 5Episode 5 Mort and Peace, Saturday Morning and Dear Claire
00:00 / 28:12
Mort and Peace with email_edited.jpg

Episode 4. Brad and Zach introduce We Appreciate Your Ears and preview what is coming up on their popular music podcast. 

Introducing We Appreciate Your Ears Episode 4. Brad and Zach preview what's ahead.
00:00 / 24:55

Episode 3. Spencer Barnitz and Emile Millar talk to Brad and Zach about  their upcoming film, recording and live performance. 

WAYE EP. 3 - Barnitz - Millar
00:00 / 1:00:34

Episode 2. Interviews and music from the creators, musicians and label behind The Next Christmas Classics EP VOL 1. Featuring Jon Bonci, Katrina Swift, Terra Lynn Walters, Snow Problem, Zach Madden, Randi Fay, NPK Productions and Stephen Chivers. It's the Happy Holidays special with Kringle & Co. More information here. https://www.kringleandcouk.com/call-for-songs

We Appreciate Your Ears - Episode 2Next Christmas Classics EP Vol 1 - Interviews
00:00 / 34:25
Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 11.20.56 PM.png

Episode 1. Away we go! It's the start of something...a popular mucis podcast! 

We Appreciate Your Ears - Episode 1Kringle & Co. + Andrew Johnson AKA Pastelz and more
00:00 / 21:55
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