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Zach Madden Bio

Zach Madden is a music producer, engineer, mixer, mastering engineer, and recording studio owner based out of Santa Barbara, CA. 


In addition, he is a singer, songwriter, drummer, guitar player, Good Land Sound being his all-inclusive production house.


Releasing music as Zach Madden, Mark Twain and State Flower, he’s received radio play as a top-five artist on KCRW, KCSN, KLOS, WUSM, KTYD, and KJEE.  


Madden has worked at Fuel Music and Sound in Los Angeles -- songwriting, arranging and doing production work. While at Fuel Music Madden helped score an episode of Survivor for CBS.

He has also written, recorded, engineered, or produced music for a long list that includes:


Toad The Wet Sprocket, Big Head Todd and The Monsters “Cinnamon Girl” – Engineering


The Coral Sea “Ah, Ah, Ah” – Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Production (As featured on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”)


Lois Mahalia “Gravity and Love” – Co-Songwriter, Engineering (features Journey’s Steve Perry on background vocals)


Katrina Swift “I Walk The Earth” – Engineering, Production, Vocals


Zach Madden works with a talented crew of musicians, producers and writers. He has a monthly popular music podcast “We Appreciate Your Ears,” co-produced and written in collaboration with Brad Nack.


Artist partners/collaborators:


 Brad Nack – The Tan, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Voice Of The Beehive

-- Artist/Producer/Songwriter/Arranger – Bass, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards

 Dean Dinning – Toad The Wet Sprocket, Lapdog

--  Artist/Producer/Mixer/Songwriter/Arranger – Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals, Programming

 Lois Mahalia – Joe Walsh, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross

– Artist/Producer/Songwriter/Arranger – Vocals, Guitars, Uke, Percussion

 Angus Cooke – Toad The Wet Sprocket, Nerfherder, Lagwagon

-- Artist/Mixer/Mastering Engineer/Producer – Cello, Guitars, Keys

Thom Flowers – Steve Perry, The Ataris, Cory Sipper

-- Artist/Mixer/Mastering Engineer/Producer – Guitars, Keys, Arrangements


Madden recently signed as an artist/songwriter/producer to the label KWS Blank Canvas Music Publishing based in Bath, UK


Excerpts from reviews of Madden's work: 


“Extremely musical, and ultimately ear-catching using voices and a single guitar line. Highly recommended.”

 -- Chris Douridas,  Acclaimed KCRW DJ/Program Manager and Music Supervisor (American Beauty, One Hour Photo, Shrek 2)


 “… great record… great songwriter… nice hooks. We are definitely going to play it."

-- Michael Davis, WUSM General Manager


“… melodically yearning, texturally pretty, lyrically sincere and very coherent… sound as paint on an emotional canvas.”

 -- Duncan Wright, Arts Editor, The Santa Barbara Independent (




Brad Nack Bio


Brad Nack is a successful music producer, songwriter and performer with extensive artist management experience based out of Santa Barbara, CA. 


Nack produced “Eyes Open Wide” and the title track “P.S.” – for Toad The Wet Sprocket’s full-length release on Columbia Records (1999).


He also managed Toad from their early days as an independent act through the group’s international success with Columbia/Sony records, Warner/ Chappell Music Publishing, and beyond.


Brad Nack was signed as a songwriter to Warner Chappell Music Publishing, and is now signed to KWS Blank Canvas Music Publishing based in Bath, UK. 


Nack’s songwriting (and co-writing) credits include three UK top 40 tracks by Voice of the Beehive: “I Walk The Earth” and “Beat Of Love,” (Let It Bee – 1988), and “Monsters and Angels” (Honey Lingers – 1991).


In 2022, Nack’s “I Walk The Earth” was re-recorded by UK based artist Katrina Swift for KWS Blank Canvas Records.


Nack is currently part of the BN/ZM songwriting team (featuring Nack, Zach Madden, and various artist collaborators). The team has multiple songs queued for release in 2022 -2023. 


Nack is a founding member of influential indie band The Tan, and his co-write of “Bad Party,” performed by The Tan, was a hit in Southern California in the 1980’s. Nack has also fronted the bands, Nothing, and The Chart Toppers.


He has a popular music podcast called “We Appreciate Your Ears,” co-produced and written with songwriting collaborator/artist/producer, Zach Madden. The team is currently working on a variety of projects at Madden’s Good Land Sound recording studio in Santa Barbara, CA.


In addition to music, Nack enjoys creating videos and visual art.

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